I Dream Africa Tours & Safaris

Jules&Basil Smit are based in Windhoek and have a history in the tourism industry starting I Dream Africa in 2006.

What We Do

Accommodation Catering For Production Crews & More

Need accommodation catering in a remote location? IDA specializes in luxury tented accommodation in the most remote locations with all the extra facilities that are required. This camp was set-up for a film production crew near Opuwo, Namibia. Apart from luxury accommodation, the camp also featured security fencing around the camp, a water filtering system, laundry facilities, bathroom facilities & a canteen.

Luxury Tented Accommodation Throughout Africa

Connect with the magnificent atmosphere of unoccupied African landscapes with our luxury tented accommodation option. This pictured camp was set-up for private Russian clients in a remote location in Africa surrounded by elephants & other wildlife. In addition, IDA also offers accommodation catering for events & festivals in Africa.

African Safari Tours

Experience breath-taking African Safari Tours all throughout Africa with IDA Tours & Safaris. The tours are available to Africa’s most popular destinations including Namibia, South-Africa, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya & more!

More About Us

Our Team

I Dream Africa has years of experience in manufacturing any structures with canvas, wood and steel through our entitiy IDA Manufacturing which specializes in canvas and tents, infrastructure for tented camps/ lodges, canopies, seat covers and any other custom made products since 2011.

Our Equipment

A big selection of our specialized equipment is available to cater for set-ups in the most remote locations. Our equipment includes a small aeroplane, loader in addition to specialized 4×4 vehicles in addition to trucks for moving equipment. Furthermore, we can source any other equipment if required.


We have years of experience in manufacturing any structures with canvas, wood and steel through our entitiy IDA Manufacturing. IDA Manufacturing specializes in canvas and tents, set-ups for tented camps/ lodges, canopies, seat covers & more.

Event Catering & More

Through our subsidiary IDA Catering & Events we have also catered for events & food in the past at a number of occassions. NB: Event Catering is only offered in combination with Accommodation Catering.

Contributing To A Green Future

IDA recycles cans, metals, glass & other waste products striving to contribute to a clean, green future. Furthermore, we also utilize solar energy for lightning & more for accommodation catering projects.

Always Up For An Adventure

We have explored the roughest landscapes in Africa over the years and are always up for an adventure.

Watch Us In Action

Registered With The Namibian Tourism Board

We are currently the only entity that’s legally permitted by the Namibian Tourism Board to cater for Temporary Accommodation in unregistered camping locations.


CC Registration Date

29 August 2006

CC Registration Nr


NTB Registration Nr

TSO00299 & TFA00070